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-- The face of Bangor's Paul Bunyan receives a touch up by Mr. J. Norman Martin of Tom Kane Advertising. The job was recently completed when city officials noticed that the paint had begun to chip and asked Dow to furnish a de-icer to use on the job. The OMS de-icer is operated here by TSgt. Robert E. Dlckens (photograph).

-- Col. George W. R. Zethren, Wing Commander (far right) pins commendation medals on four Dowmen who were honored at the recent Wing Executive Briefing. Awarded were (left to right) Lt. Col. Willard J. Beahan, Director ot Personnel, Lt. Col. Marion L. Dixon, Comptroller, Major Hyman Mod ledsky, Aircraft Maintenance vfficer with OMS and MSgt. Arnold Heldt, Acting Family Services Officer (photograph).

-- A view of the construction currently underway on the new school for the Capehart area. Just started, the school will be finished in time for Capehart youngsters to occupy next September at the start of the school year. The last of the Capehart housing units have been inspected, accepted and committed to the new occupants (photograph).

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Dow Air Base Personnel


Bangor, Maine


Bangor Maine, Dow Air Base, Bangor Maine Air Refueling Wing, Capehart neighborhood Bangor Maine

November 25, 1959