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-- Pictured above are four sergeants of the 75th Fighter Interceptor Squadron who recently gave blood to help a small five year old girl from Hodgdon, Maine survive a very serious operation. Shown standing by a 7-101B Voodoo (left to right) they are T/Sgt. George B. Caron, SMS Charles H. Marsh, Jr., T/Sgt. William J. Kessack, and S/Sgt. Charles A. Caron; all are maintenance men for the 75th FIS. T/Sgt. Caron is well known in boxing circles as the popular "Babe McCarran," middleweight champion of the state of Mame. A letter received by the information Office, DAFB, expresses the appreciation of the little girl's mother for the expeditious response for blood donations by these men. "Little Judy Simpson is home and happy, after a very delicate five hour, heart surgery. The operation became to save her life. Now she breathes easily and will be able to play normally as other youngsters do. So Judy says "Thanks Boys" to T/Sgt. George B. Caron and his wonderful friends from Dow Field, who gave the blood that made the operation possible." Judy is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Simpson, residents of Hodgdon, Maine (photograph).

-- Airman Second Class Larry L. Hoskinson 4060th Armament & Electronics Maintenance Squadron, has just returned to Dow after completing the Aircraft Electronics Navigation Equipment Technician (ARN-14) course held at Plattsburg AFB, New York (photograph).

-- First Lieutenant Francis E. Brandon, Jr., is the Information Officer for the 75th Fighter Interceptor Squadron and will be this squadron's contact for news that one might like to have published in the Tanker Times (photograph).

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Dow Air Base Personnel


Bangor, Maine


Bangor Maine, Dow Air Base, Bangor Maine Air Refueling Wing

December 11, 1959