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There is a constant growth in thenumber of vacationists coming to the Maine woods but despite this and the fact there is an increasing number of hotels and modernly equipped "camps" the early charm and unique features of a woods outing are still to be enjoyed. TheMaine woods "camp" continues to hold it unique place and while the Aroostook country takes pride in thefine hotels like the new Mt. Kineo House and Squaw Mountain Inn al Moosehead, it is the Maine woods camps that make this vacationland so distinctive. Camps generally are located on the shore of or close by lakes or rivers, some distance from settlements and are in themselves little communities. Supplies are kept stocked and many camps have gardens for vegetables and provide their own dairy products, eggs, and poultry. The central cabin is used for a common dining-room and assembly, and then apart are a series of smaller cabins.

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Bangor and Aroostook Railroad


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In the Maine Woods: 1931 Edition