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In May 1955, the Bangor City Planning Board received a report outlining Bangor's housing problems and prospects, "with a view toward establishing a local housing policy and program." Several of the recommendations of this report have been accomplished. A Housing Code was adopted. An Urban Renewal Authority was created. The City is about to execute its first redevelopment project.

A section of this report is herewith quoted as a point of reference to evaluate the progress of housing, improvement in the past several years. "If Bangor's housing as a totality is to be kept from settling into a state or progressive degradation, means will have to be provided to assure; (1) the conversion of the precious existing supply of good dwellings and neighbornonds, (2) the rehabilitation of salvable dwellings and neighborhoods and (3) the studied elimination and redevelopment of certain cancer-like growths of blight and shums in existence in the community today.

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Bangor Urban Renewal Authority


Bangor, Maine


Bangor Maine, urban renewal, Bangor Urban Renewal Authority

Bangor's Housing Code Enforcement Program: August 1956 - December 1961