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A newspaper editor upon returning home after recently visiting Maine wrote the following in his paper:

"It was hard for us to leave Maine and all of its beauty and charm. Booth Tarkington has written: 'To my mind: 'Maine is the most beautiful state we have in this country, but even more appealing is its homeliness. It is easier for a stranger to feel at home in Maine than in almost any other place I ever knew. That is perhaps the reason why so many visitors cease to be visitors and get to think of Maine as home.'

We had begun to feel what that great author felt as he penned those words. Some day we are going back to that state of 2,500 lakes and 5,147 rivers and streams; the state where the clouds sleep amid the spruce on the hill-tops; the state where the mountains meet the sea; where artists and authors capture the inspiration of the magnificent scenery and thrill the world. Maine, what a priceless collection of memories of fine people and scenic beauty we took with us as we left the state!"

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Maine the Land of Remembered Vacations 1949



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