Bangor Hydro-Electric News was a monthly publication of Bangor Hydro Electric Company, which began in 1928 and ran to at least 1940. BH-E News should be of particular interest to those who have relatives who worked for Bangor Hydro during this time period, as many photographs are included in each issue and company personnel are named throughout these monthly reports. BH-E News covers not only the internal history of the Bangor office, but also regularly includes updates from offices in Harrington, Eastport, Ellsworth, Milford, Old Town, Lincoln, Machias, Bar Harbor, and elsewhere Bangor Hydro had offices. Individual issues of BH-E News often focus on projects of the company, offering photographs which reveal the history of electricity and railway systems in Bangor and in rural and seaside communities of Maine. [We intend to include all issues we own -- we do knowingly lack some issues as of April 2018].


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