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From the Introduction, written by Colonel Harold B. McClune:

"The design of this book's compilers is to present a panoramic view of the 376th Infantry from its birth in September 1921 to the capitulation of the Japanese Empire in August 1945; a panorama of battle experiences that have demonstrated our superiority over the enemy that confronted us, and proved the mettle of our civilian Army.

While this is the story of an infantry regiment, we do not fail to appreciate the contributions modern technical science, designer of our weapons, our armor and aircraft support, and our means of protecting against weapons, has made for the success of our infantry. The weapons and equipment which have proved so deadly in the hands of this war's foot-soldiers are the best that any army ever had.

In view of these new developments, the infantryman who, until recently did most of his fighting with a rifle, has become a specialist, and his training must be more thorough than that of any other branch of the army. It must begin with knowledge, gleaned first from the books and regulations; but it must stop short of depending on ready-made ideas: Much had to be learned from other battles, and from brothers-in-arms who learned the hard way. These principles are sound. The leaders and the men alike have proved them in the way they adapted themselves and applied the technique learned in the shock of battle when flesh and blood were the price exacted.

An attempt has here been made to tell the story of how the Regiment fought -- the story of its battles, and the story of its individual acts of courage in the face of the enemy. Much is said of the weather and the land we fought in, but words are inadequate here. Frozen feet, hunger, loss of sleep, constant exposure to enemy fire, and the shock of seeing a buddy killed or wounded cannot be described. They must be lived.

It is the purpose of this volume to tell that story -- as much of it as can be told in words -- simply, without exaggeration. This history needs no embellishments. It is hoped this work may be of use to future military historians searching for details not to be found in official War Department records. But primarily it is intended for the officers and men who have served, and are serving with the 376th Infantry Regiment. For all of us who wish to keep alive our rich experience with this noble organization, this book will serve to renew our memories and discipline our imaginations."

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United States Army, World War 1939-1945, Regimental histories, 376th Infantry Regiment, Campaigns, Western Front


Military History

History of the 376th infantry regiment between the years of 1921-1945

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