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6-7 January 1945:

We made the most of our opportunity to get acquainted with the French. Phrase book in hand we went determinedly after the population, and soon large clusters of Gls were seen around tolerantly amused little kids, asking any sort of question they could think of.

For the most part the kids waited until the boys were just about talked out, and then asked for ''Chocolate, chewing gum, or cigarette pour papa." Others didn't wait for them to talk themselves out. No matter how the conversation started, it always ended with the request for cigarettes and chocolate. In an alley down the street a still was found that transformed apple juice into a product for which many uses were found, including lighter fluid .

And the "Vive Ia France!" sentiment gained in intensity. Our vocabulary was soon increased by such valuable terms as "Cognac, Calvados, No compree, Couchez avec moi, etc."

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United States Army, World War 1939-1945, Regimental histories, 49th Armored Infantry Battalion, Campaigns, Germany


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