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Throughout the months of war stevedores kept the supplies in constant movement toward the front-transferring them from ship to shiploading, unloading, impelled by the exigency of war, in the days and in the nights at Pearl Harbor, on Hilo, Maui, and Guam -- these names signify the dock locations worked by the 34th stevedores. From December 1944 to August 1945 the 34th stevedores handled 410,882 tons of cargo, and at the close of the war the men were waiting, at long last, on Guam -- still stevedoring.

We present our stevedores who supplied their portion of sweat, blood, and tears, and who kept the hook moving. They performed the rugged, tedious, physical activity that is stevedoring, lived out of their seabags, followed their cargo, and were still smiling, enjoying their beer, their liberties, while in the States, which had become so precious to all of us. They played ball when they had the time, wrote their letters, and in the hours of their days and nights thought about home, and continued to do their job under the tension of the military, and in the heat of the tropics, thousands of miles, and endless months from home.

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United States Navy, World War 1939-1945, 34th Construction Battalion, Regimental Histories, stevedore


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Battalion review, Special 34th Battalion, USN, 1944-1945

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