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As uncertainty marks the course of world events and Democracy stands on a threshold of unrest and threats of aggressor nations, citizen soldiers of the 246th Coast Artillery again have calmly adjusted themselves to another unlimited national emergency.

While many of the great nations of the world are in a state of undeclared war and their peoples enslaved to a dictatorial tyranny, guardians of the Mother State-many of them reminiscent of their 1917-18 struggle to save the freedom handed down to them from courageous ancestors-are preparing for any eventuality that may threaten the American way of life. Just as the first European government crumbled under the heel of a monstrous conqueror in this World War lI -- the Army of the United States signaled for strength. We, of the 246th Coast Artillery (Harbor Defense), are proud to be a part of this vast bulwark between a free, peace-loving nation and a force so destructive that the entire world fears for its safety.

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World War 1939-1945, Regimental histories, United States, 246th Coast Artillery Harbor Defense


Military History

Pictorial history, Two Hundred Forty-Sixth Coast Artillery (HD), 1940-1941

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