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Excerpt from a message from the President of the United States to members of the CCC read over NBC network at 7:30 PM, Friday, April 17, 1936:

To the million and a half young men and war veterans who have been, or are today, enrolled in the Civilian Conservation Corps Camps, I extend greeting on this third anniversary of the establishment of the first CCC Camp.

Idle through no fault of your own, you were enrolled from city and rural homes and offered an opportunity to engage in healthful, outdoor work on forest, park and soil conservation projects of definite practical value to all the people of the nation. The promptness with which you seized the opportunity to engage in honest work, the willingness with which you have performed your daily tasks and the fine spirit you have shown in winning the respect of the communities in which your camps have been located, merits the admiration of the entire country. You, and the men who have guided and supervised your efforts, have cause to be proud of the record the CCC has made in the development of sturdy manhood and in the initiation and prosecution of a conservation program of unprecedented proportions.

Since the Corps began some 1,150,000 of you have been graduated, improved in health, self-disciplined, alert and eager for the opportunity to make good in any kind of honest employment. Our records show that the results achieved in the protection and improvement of our timbered domain, in the arrest of soil wastage, in the development of needed recreational areas, in wild life conservation and in flood control have been as impressive as the results achieved in the rehabilitation of youth. Through your spirit and industry it has been demonstrated that young men can be put to work in our forests, parks, and fields on projects which benefit both the nation's youth and conservation generally.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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New Deal, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Civilian Conservation Corps, 117th Company, Tamworth New Hampshire, 123rd Company, Raymond New Hampshire, 130th Company, Alfred Maine, 132nd Company, Lewiston Maine, 144th Company, Rangeley Maine, 151st Company, Bartlett New Hampshire, 152nd Company, Stow Maine, 154th Company, Bar Harbor Maine, 155th Company, Berlin New Hampshire, 156th Company, Gilead Maine, 158th Company, Southwest Harbor Maine, 159th Company, Patten Maine, 160th Company, Fort Williams Maine, 192nd Company, Princeton Maine, 193rd Company, Ellsworth Maine, 1123rd Company, Suncook New Hampshire, 1124th Company, Bridgton Maine, 1126th Company, Gorhan New Hampshire, 1127th Company, Beddington New Hampshire, 1129th Company, Gorham New Hampshire, 1130th Company, Camden Maine, 1131st Company, Fort Williams Maine, 1163rd Company, North Whitefield Maine, 1177th Company, Conway New Hampshire

Official annual, 1937, Civilian Conservation Corps, First CCC District, First Corps Area

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