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It is with the hope that your book will aid you in appreciating the part played by the 42nd General Hospital in this War that it is presented to you. A scarcely less important purpose is that of familiarizing each section with the work of other sections and of the unit as a whole.

In after years, its value will increase to each one of us, and it will come to form a tangible link with the comradeship we shared in working toward a common end -- the alleviation of suffering.

Wherever possible, the record is presented pictorially. If some group or department feels itself slighted, the editors can only plead pressure of time and the shortage of film and photographic service, trusting that any shortcomings will be graciously overlooked.

To all those whose kind cooperation made your book possible, we extend our sincere thanks, and to the Signal Corps of the United States Army we are indebted both for many of the pictures and much of the general photographic work.

The Editors

The Staff: Major Theodore A. Schwartz, Major Walter E. Karfgin, Sgt. Clarence G. Luther, Sgt. Charles E. Church, Pvt. 1Cl. Julius Goldstein, Pvt. Burton V. Doyle

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Truth and Sportsman Ltd.


Valley, Brisbane


World War 1939-1945, Army Hospital, 42nd General Hospital, University of Maryland Medical School


Military History

The 42nd General Hospital in World War II

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