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It was my good fortune and high honor to be entrusted with the command of the Birmingham from 11 August, 1943 to 22 November, 1944. Those were months filled with action, excitement, and high adventure. The trials and triumphs which we shared together; the knowledge that the success of the ship and the safety of all depended upon the devotion to duty of each; the understanding that the team was more important than the individual; the mutual respect and affection amongst us all; all these things made us "shipmates" in the finest sense of the word.

In the face of exhaustion, danger, and grimmest tragedy there was no grumbling, no shirking, and no flinching. Young America need concede nothing in fortitude to other races or other generations. Our steel ships, too, are served by iron men.

Never in history had a Captain the good fortune to command a finer crew.

Rear Admiral Thomas B. Inglis

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United States Navy, World War 1939-1945, Regimental Histories, U.S.S. Birmingham (CL-62), Cleveland class light cruiser


Military History

The saga of the U.S.S. Birmingham: a compilation of her officers & men

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