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Kipling has told us much about the tangled jungles of the far East; Stanley has sent out glowing accounts of jungle life in Darkest Africa; now why not turn for a while to jungles nearer home -- to the greatest sporting and recreation ground in all America -- the widespread pine-tree jungles of northern Maine? Here is sport unbounded; fisherman and huntsman are equally blessed, and bountifully. Or, if one comes merely for the good which an untrammelled forest existence can do him, he gets rejuvenation and health in fullest measure, and in a most delightful way.

Should the reader wonder what there can be about the Maine woods that is so universally attractive, he can best satisfy his curiosity by an actual visit to this sylvan paradise. Let him join the great army of autumnal sojourners who slip away annually from the cares and problems of city life and dive deep into the great Maine forests.

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Bangor and Aroostook Railroad


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In the Maine Woods: 1902 Edition (Title: In Pine Tree Jungles)



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