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A circle drawn on the map of Maine with Mt. Katahdin for its center, and 100 miles from edge to edge, embraces the richest field for the sportsman in the United States.

Nowhere else is there such satisfactory hunting for big game, in territory so easily reached. The area of northern Maine, above a line drawn across the state from Bangor, is greater than that of the states of Vermont and New Hampshire combined. Aroostook County alone is nearly as large as the state of Massachusetts, having an area of 6,800 square miles, or 500 square miles more than the state of Connecticut. Piscataquis County, the smallest of the three counties forming the greater part of northern Maine, has an area of 3,780 square miles, or 500 square miles more than the states of Rhode Island and Delaware combined.

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Bangor and Aroostook Railroad


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In the Maine Woods: 1900 Edition