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For those who believe the serious side of life should be brightened by wholesome outdoor sport; to whom the click of a reel, the slish of a line, the purring of water from the bow of a canoe are as music; to whom the forest, peopled with wild game, and rich in lakes and streams in which fish abound, appeals in its grandeur and mystery, this book is prepared as a guide to the richest of Nature's treasuries, the woods and waters of northern Maine.

Here, in an area of 15,000 square miles, or about 10 million acres, lie a thousand lakes and ponds, yielding their waters to six rivers - the Penobscot and Kennebec, running south, and the St. John, Allagash, Fish and Aroostook running north. An intricate network of waterways interlaces throughout this region, and one may journey by canoe within its limits for months without once turning on his course. Its waters are filled with game fish as no other known waters are.

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Bangor and Aroostook Railroad


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In the Maine Woods: 1901 Edition