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When early man went off on a vacation he invariably "took to the woods " -- because he had no other place to go to. He hunted, he fished, he roamed the forests with such delight as can come only to a true lover of the woods; and it is possible that, "just for fun," he may have worked a log into the waters of some winding stream and, sitting astride of it, have been borne along with the gliding current, enthusing all the while over the sylvan splendors which spread out in panoramic magnificence on every side.

Today, the vacationist "takes to the woods" from choice; and if his route leads him into the depths of the great Maine forests where the woods are well-nigh primeval and where the lakes and rivers and lesser waterways lave the same shores they have known for centuries, then his cup of joy becomes filled to the very brim.

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Bangor and Aroostook Railroad


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In the Maine Woods: 1904 Edition