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In this report I shall not attempt to emphasize the amount of work or the difficulties encountered because of the National emergency and its impact upon local government administration; but shall give you a plain statement of fact be it favorable or unfavorable.

In order to arrive at true values over a period of time it is necessary to make comparisons. The several charts in this report are, therefore, definite comparisons. In reviewing the accomplishments and activities of the City Government during the past year the development of the Airport is seen as outstanding. Although the actual work did not come under City control, excepting that specifications, etc., required City approval, the contribution of $75,000 by the City, supplemented by an additional sum by the Maine Military Defense Commission for the purchase of the necessary land, made the development of an Army Air Base here possible. While preliminary negotiations had been made and considerable construction carried out prior to 1941, the change in construction plans resulted in practically the whole existing development as of December 31 having been accomplished during the past year. During the progress of this work many conferences with Government officials were held and agreements and leases entered into, all of which while cooperative, fully safeguarded the City's interests.

The Housing Project on Thirteenth Street, for the accommodation of military personnel, came as a direct result of the development of the Air Base. Again, although the City was not involved in the actual construction, certain agreements had to be worked out and ratified. As one unit of government cannot tax another the City is to be reimbursed by the Federal Government for rendering certain services such as fire and police protection, snow removal, garbage collection, etc.

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Annual Report, Bangor, Maine: 1941



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