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During 1947, the city experienced 20 snowstorms varying from 1 inch to 12 inches and the total snowfall for the year amounted to approximately 63 inches. No particular difficulties were encountered in handling these storms and traffic was maintained at all times, with snow removal work being carried out promptly. Twice during January, the city experienced freezing rain storms which coated the streets and sidewalks with a sheet of ice making traffic conditions extremely dangerous. Prompt action on the part of the department by applying salt and sand prevented any serious tie-ups of traffic and greatly reduced the danger of accidents. To combat these slippery conditions, the department used 1493 cubic yards of sand and peastone on the streets, and approximately 500 cubic yards of sand on the sidewalks and 130 tons of salt on the hills and main traffic arteries in the downtown areas.

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City of Bangor, Maine


Bangor, Maine


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Annual Report, Bangor, Maine: 1947



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