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By ordinance enacted late in 1945, the City Council provided for the first time in our history for a full-time Building Inspector. This ordinance established a long needed provision for building regulations that will assure us of a better built city for the future and eliminate, over a long period of time, the many wooden structures now found in the congested area.

While we would ordinarily welcome such a demolition program in the interest of commercial expansion and area improvement, it is regrettable that we were not in a position to further increase the available dwelling units by any residential construction. During the year several meetings were held in the interest of housing, and ways and means were sought lo provide new dwelling units. At each meeting it was definitely concluded that building programs are primarily the function of private capital and of private interests, and that building controls, building supplies, and the labor market permitting the private interests would move quickly to supply the deficiency.

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City of Bangor, Maine


Bangor, Maine


Bangor Maine, history of Bangor Maine, government of Bangor Maine

Annual Report, Bangor, Maine: 1946



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