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As early as 900 A.D. Vikings came to Penobscot Bay, perhaps to settle, perhaps to hunt and fish and leave again. Although they left no written records, Norse coins and artifacts testify to their presence here. Sebastian Cabot, son of John Cabot, arrived in 1498 and was the first European to come to Penobscot Bay and leave a written record. He was soon followed by others, all drawn into the search for the fabled Indian City of "Norumbega" that was supposed to lie on the River Penobscook, "place of rocks." None found the promised streets of gold overflowing with untold wealth and precious gems. Instead they found "one of the finest rivers in the whole world" as Andre Thevet, French traveller and Franciscan monk wrote in 1555, and "a high country full of great woods" according to English explorer Martin Pring in 1603.

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