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This booklet is presented with the compliments of Bangor's Official Urban Renewal Authority in the interest of Bangor citizens and taxpayers. Its purpose is to point out the need, the benefits and the urgency of this vital project. The documented facts will show that this is a now-or-never opportunity for Bangor to solve a serious community problem by accepting an outright Federal Grant, (not a loan) of $5,500,000 to accomplish this purpose.

Most important of all, it will show that if we act now, this vital, multi-million dollar project can be completed with an expenditure of about $120,000 in city funds and with the aim of helping to hold down local taxes.

Many misleading and frightening statements have been made about the impact of the downtown project upon the community. The information presented here is both factual and objective. The Bangor Urban Renewal Authority is interested only in the development and progress of the City of Bangor itself, and does not represent or speak for any private group or special interests.

We urge every citizen and taxpayer to acquaint himself with the facts and figures contained herein. It will then be evident that Bangor's Urban Renewal Plan is beneficial both to Bangor now as well as to the Bangor our children will inherit.

Urban Renewal Authority of the City of Bangor, Francis A. Finnegan, Chairman

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The Urban Renewal Story, Bangor, Maine: How It Can Be Done and How It Can Save You Tax Dollars

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