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In the fast pace of our modern civilization of today, Man has been caught in a race against Time. From the moment Man awakens in the morning he becomes a slave to Time. Throughout his working day, the race continues, with scarcely time out to feed his Body, and none at all to feed his Soul. It is only after the race is over, sometimes many hours after the day's sun goes down, does Man experience a longing and desire to feed his Soul.

A few men find solace in Religion. Some find happiness living in an imaginary environment with the characters of a book. The majority of men, however, turn to the opposite sex -- Woman. We are told God devised it thus; that He made Woman to be Man's companion in Life. However, like many other skeins in the life pattern of Man, this relationship between Man and Woman has become twisted.

Man in the few short hours of his social life seeks Relaxation and Quiet. Intuitively he turns to Woman for such. He finds the elements, whether they be Beauty, Grace, Charm, Character or Personality, which brings Relaxation and Quiet, in some but not in others.

In the past Man found it necessary to erect a social barrier -- Marriage, to protect Woman -- his source of happiness. Today, he discovers that this social barrier is sometimes protecting the Wrong Woman. In confusion Man has attempted to rid himself of the latter: he has instituted the Divorce Court. Meanwhile, both Man and Woman struggle -- off times to their Death.

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McCann Publishing Company


Bangor, Maine


Bangor Maine, play set in Bangor Maine, office relationships, male-female relationships


The scene is a commercial artist's studio in Bangor, Maine.

Tomorrow Never Comes: A Play in Three Acts

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