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As we review the year since last we met in annual meeting, we see much that encourages, little that casts a shadow over our work. With those who have come under our care the life in the Home has been pleasant and happy. Trials, like April showers have passed over, leaving a bright sunshine behind with the bow of promise in some hearts which means a stronger effort to improve and make the best of the privileges given to them, possibly, for the first time in their lives. As we trace the lives of some of our girls, we see neglect, and temptation from early childhood; no tender mother-love to teach and guide; no father's strong arm to protect them; they have drifted along to young womanhood, when through the love which they have longed for, which should be the crown of woman's life, they have been betrayed, thrown aside, ruined. To us then comes the privilege of lifting them up, helping them outlive the past; to look upward, weaving in new threads of hope, courage, and steadfast purpose.

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William M. Marks, Printer


Portland, Maine


Temporary Home for Women and Children of Maine, Portland, Maine



15th Annual Report of the Temporary Home for Women and Children of Maine