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The work of these commissions and all deeds and conveyances made under their reports, it must he remembered, had reference only to lands on which there were settlers at the date of the treaty, 1842. The settlers who dwelt on these lands were a sturdy, contented race, and not inclined to be migratory. Many of them had large families, and with the rapid increase of population their children, and children'si children have come forward to be the heads of families. At first, provision was made for them by a division of the treaty lot owned by the father; but there is a limit to such subdivision, and soon these river or treaty lots were occupied to their full extent. The population then broke over the boundary lines of the treaty lots and the younger generation spread out in nearly every direction. Under laws then existing these settlers could secure title to the wild lands, under certain conditions, by payment therefor in labor on roads.

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State of Maine


Augusta, Maine


Madawaska territory


Commission members submitting this report were Seth M. Carter, Morrill N. Drew, and George H. Smith. Report submitted December 29, 1887, in Augusta, Maine.

Report of Commissioners appointed under resolve approved March 10, 1887, to investigate condition of settlers in Madawaska Territory