O. F. Lewis



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If our courts, by their defective or unjust procedure, send anti-social, sullen men and women to prison, so much the worse for the State. If our prisons make their inmates inveigh justly against the iniquity of the State in housing or guarding or feeding them, so much the worse for the State. The great problem facing the administration of criminal law and of correctional institutions today is exactly the question of meeting out justice to all; not the justice that is necessarily found in the penal code, for that may prove most unjust at times, but the great justice based on the best conceptions of human brotherhood, which in prison develops often to a surprising extent, and which perhaps may be largely the key to the solution of the problem of the reduction of crime.

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Sing Sing Prison, Great Meadow Prison, New York


An article by O.F Lewis, General Secretary of the Prison Association of New York, reprinted from the Boston (Mass.) Transcript of November 19, 1913, describing the latest State prison of New York.

Sing Sing Must Go [Bulletin Number Four, Prison Association of New York]